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If you are new to Procore, look for an email with the subject line “Welcome to Procore!” and click Get Started. From there, you can create your password and then access the company accounts and projects you have been added to. Our tools are intuitive because they’re built alongside the people in construction who use them.

Can the software be integrated with other products?

This enables you to access project information stored in Procore without an internet or network connection. If you are viewing items that are larger files, such as drawings or documents, these end up saving to your device and taking up storage. FMI conducted a Procore-sponsored industry study to examine the top challenges that the industry is facing today and how companies can benefit from using construction project management software.

  1. is the social impact arm of Procore, with a mission to advance the construction industry through advocacy, education, and technology.
  2. However, for in-progress projects, you can contact Procore to sync your records for an additional fee.
  3. Daily job reports and inspection reports are other features Procore brings to projects and construction firms.
  4. If you are viewing items that are larger files, such as drawings or documents, these end up saving to your device and taking up storage.

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Professional Services are customised to meet your needs and to help you maximise the potential of the Procore platform. Learn anywhere, anytime with free self-paced, online training courses and role-based certifications. Join groundbreakers who have built over $1T+ dollars worth of construction using the Procore platform. 83% of customer respondents agree that Procore has helped improve overall quality control in order to deliver higher-quality projects. Learn how the Procore platform helps builders increase safety and profitability by connecting all stakeholders. Our investment in your success goes beyond unlimited product support and includes opportunities to grow your career.

We’re people first.

You simply drag and drop specific data points into the report, and then generate it. Procore construction management is packed with every feature a manager will want at their disposal — almost to a daunting extent. But what exactly does Procore offer, and does it make sense for your business?

Unlimited 24/7 Support

Today, Procore is committed to being the partner that the industry counts on to advance, evolve, and elevate construction as a business, a craft, a career, and a driver of innovative excellence. To that end, we celebrate the best of the best in the industry as Groundbreakers willing to challenge the status quo while leading the way and reaching back to help others succeed. A good QuickBooks construction integration should be able to sync various types of data, such as invoices, job items, service codes, vendors, and payment details. Procore supports all the file types you need for your projects, including computer-aided design, or CAD (.dwg), PDF, spreadsheets (.xlsx), and Word (.doc).

Procore offers easy access to anyone involved in a project without expensive, additional software seats or licenses or lengthy, drawn-out onboarding processes for subcontractors and consultants. From saving time, communication to full project management, it enables you to see things clearly under one roof without the need to jump from one step to another and back again. Every annual contract is designed to support unlimited collaboration for everyone on your project — with fixed, predictable pricing from day one.

what is procore

The software works on iOS and Android mobile devices and Windows and Mac computers. Unlike other construction software, all of Procore’s products come standard with unlimited user licenses, unlimited data, and unrivaled customer support. That’s means, whether you have 10 employees cryptocurrency broker canada or 10,000 employees–you pay 1 price. But, it does integrate with any accounting solution your back office trusts. By connecting your field and office financials, project and accounting teams have visibility into real-time job costs without needing an intermediary.

Deleting cached data on a device means that items that were previously downloaded in the app will need to be downloaded again the next time you want to access them. Mobile collaboration tools are built for the field, making it easy for everyone to have a clear understanding of what needs to get done every day to stay on schedule and prevent rework. The best QuickBooks construction software should be reasonably priced and scalable. Some software charges a hefty one-time fee while some offer flexible monthly plans for companies that anticipate growth. Note that the features available in the mobile app depend on the Procore construction modules you’ve purchased.

See what solutions are driving results for industry leaders all over the world. Connect with a real Procore expert via email, chat, or phone support in less than a minute. Find your next job and strengthen relationships in Procore Community, a professional network for construction. If you didn’t receive an email don’t forgot to check your spam folder, otherwise contact support. Other drop-down menus help you navigate to recently changed items, today’s project schedule, project milestones, and other key information. This section also lists open items assigned to you, requiring your response (essentially your to-do list).

Go from professional estimates and bids that reflect your company’s brand to awarded projects and successful project management at the touch of a finger with Procore and ProEst’s integration. More than two-million subcontractors, general contractors, and owners worldwide have adopted Procore and provided in-depth reviews, including some of the world’s top general and specialty contractors. Their experience has helped make Procore a stronger program that works intuitively to support how contracting works and make jobs easier and profitable. Procore Sync and Procore Drive help you manage documents in the cloud and give you the storage needed to maintain the files that support your projects.

You can customize reports based on your specific needs, whether starting from scratch or using readily available templates. The invoicing module in Procore allows contractors to quickly create customer invoices and track them until they are paid. Accounts receivable (A/R) invoices, also called owner or customer invoices in Procore, are created using the Prime Contracts module within Procore’s invoicing tool. Procore’s takeoff and estimating feature is more advanced than the other solutions on our list of the best construction software with QuickBooks Online integration.

Procore’s reporting tools are designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for all team members to understand and utilize the data. Procore is a leading construction project management software that stands out in the market for its thorough and extensive features and user-friendly interface. It’s designed to streamline construction project management, making it an excellent choice for organizations seeking to enhance efficiency and productivity. When you view items in Procore’s mobile application while online, they are downloaded to the Procore app.

Procore’s task tool assigns tasks to others, or you can create your own to-do list. You fill out a simple form that lays out details such as assignee, due date, description, status, and so on. Whether minor or significant, issues can arise if anything gets overlooked, making the project more complicated than it needs to be. Many companies that have implemented Procore say that it’s saved hundreds of hours and improved efficiency so drastically that it pays for itself several times. Connect with an online community of 40k+ peers in your region or role and see how others are using Procore.

Once submitted, your admin can review the bill and either approve or reject it. Once approved, the status can be updated to “Approved” and is ready for payment. Additionally, you can create custom groups if the default grouping options are not suitable for your invoicing needs. You simply need to create the groups and items that you wish to use for the invoice, and then you can customize the line items so they are displayed the way you want. Project managers and supervisors can then assign a responsible team member for each item, select a due date, and track their current status until they are resolved. Procore tracks due dates automatically and will send you and the assigned member an overdue email if it goes unresolved beyond the specified due date.

This allows you to explore the software and its features before making a financial commitment, ensuring that Procore is the right fit for your organization. Beyond that, it’s not the easiest interface to navigate, but you’ll figure it out in time. At the top of the dashboard, drop-down menus help you navigate to a specific project and to project tools. What we like about Procore’s reporting feature is that there are many ways you can customize your dashboard.

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